Jaisamand Lake Udaipur

Jaismaand Lake is one of the largest man made lake in the world with approx 83 square kilometers. It is located at distance of 60KM from Udaipur city.

Birds of bagurwa village Udaipur

Bagurwa is a village, approx 30KM from Udaipur towards Jaisamand Lake. Its a picturesque village, surrounded by hills. It has an artificial lake and forest area on the hills.

red vented bulbul

Red vented bulbul is quite common bird in Udaipur city. Its abundantly seen in many parts in the city, outside the city peripherals.

Panthers of udaipur

Udaipur has many rocky areas which are ideal habitat areas for panthers ( Leopards). While leopards do not live with human dwellings, but they can live near by areas which have ideal places to hide like cave, hills etc.