Panthers of udaipur

Udaipur has many rocky areas which are ideal habitat areas for panthers ( Leopards). While leopards do not live with human dwellings, but they can live near by areas which have ideal places to hide like cave, hills etc.

Birds Of MENAR – 1

Menar, located at approx 50KM from Udaipur towards Chittorgarh has rich history, two lakes, wetlands as well as grass lands. This village is at least 600 years old with beautiful traditions of protecting birds!

BeAutiful Assam

Assam, a North Eastern State is a beautiful state which is surrounded by blue sky from three sides! It has many seasonal rivers which all fall into mighty Brahmaputra River, that dissects Assam in the middle!

Udaipur CITY

Udaipur is known as City Of Lakes for its beautiful lakes in and around the city. It has a palace where the King Of Udaipur lives.


Udaipur, being a oasis in the desert of Rajasthan, is very interesting for for bird watching where one can see almost 300 species a year. It gets many migratory birds during winters as it has many wetlands, lakes as well as many resident bird species.