It is about “My” Travel Stories!

I am not a world traveler, I do not travel to far flung areas, exotic travel destinations, historical places in the world. I do not meet celebrities, rich or famous people. I do not go to exotic restaurants, eat famous foods, cooked by famous chefs. And nothing romantic about them, its simply because, I can not afford them.

I travel to small villages, remote places around Udaipur and given a chance, some other villages/towns in India. I drink some tea at local roadside tea stalls, sometimes meet local, normal people, strike some conversation. Ask them, how they are doing in life. I find them interesting, I find the glee in their eyes when they remember something good about their life and the eagerness in them to tell their stories to strangers. I find that fascinating.

Sometimes I buy local alcohol. I drink with other local people buying local alcohol. I like to listen to their stories.

That is all about my travel stories.
And I liked the domain name, shutterspeed. It sounds technical, exotic and important in photography world. So, I booked it and trying to keep it.